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Gemstone Java offers Black Diamond which is a delicious signature blend of coffee! These arabica beans consist 80% Colombian and 20% Ethiopian beans roasted to perfection creating chocolate flavor in the espresso as you would expect in a dark roast coffee. A dark roast espresso bean typically has a strong, bold flavor with a light, smoky taste. The longer roasting process of dark roast coffee beans can cause the oils in the beans to come to the surface, resulting in a richer and more intense flavor profile. Dark roast espresso beans can have notes of chocolate, caramel, and even a slight bitterness, which can be balanced out by adding milk or sugar. The darker roast also tends to result in a lower acidity level, making it a good option for those who prefer a less sharp taste in their coffee. Overall, the flavor of a dark roast espresso bean is robust, full-bodied, and can be enjoyed by coffee enthusiasts who appreciate a bold and rich taste in their espresso. It's also good to know that this bean is best used in a traditional espresso machine rather than a super automatic machine to fully bring out the flavor profile. The lower acidity and little bitterness in the coffee could make it appealing to those who prefer a less sharp taste in their coffee. Gemstone Java's Black Diamond coffee bean seems to be a hit with many coffee enthusiasts as they drink this alone or mix it in with some oat milk for a wonderfully balanced taste in their morning latte. It really is a gem!

Black Diamond (1 kg)

  • Experience the rich and bold flavor profile of our signature Black Diamond coffee, a blend of 80% Colombian and 20% Ethiopian beans, roasted to perfection with notes of chocolate and a light smokiness.

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